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Certified Home Warranties


Economy Web Development


February 21, 2023


SOLUENCY Helps Certified Home Warranties Launch a Professional Website on a Budget

Certified Home Warranties, a startup business that sells home warranties, came to SOLUENCY with a budget constraint. They wanted a professional online presence but with limited funds available. This case study explores how SOLUENCY provided a cost-effective solution by offering Economy Website Design and helped Certified Home Warranties launch their website with a limited budget.

The Challenge

Certified Home Warranties was looking to establish a web presence that could help them reach out to potential customers and attract business. They wanted a website that was professional, easy to navigate and could showcase their offerings effectively. However, the challenge was that they had limited funds available for website design and development.

The Solution

SOLUENCY provided an affordable solution by offering the Economy Website Design package. This package provides a pre-designed, mobile-friendly website that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the client. SOLUENCY's team worked with Certified Home Warranties to customize the website with their branding and content.

The SOLUENCY team provided Certified Home Warranties with a website that showcased their offerings in a professional and easy-to-navigate manner. The website included features such as a contact form and a call-to-action button that prompted users to get in touch with the business. The website was also mobile-responsive, ensuring that it could be accessed on any device.


With SOLUENCY's help, Certified Home Warranties was able to launch their website within a limited budget. The professional online presence provided by the website helped Certified Home Warranties reach out to potential customers and attract business. The website helped them establish credibility in their industry and strengthen their online presence. Also, the website was well-received by the target audience, and the company saw an increase in website traffic and inquiries.


SOLUENCY's Economy Website Design package proved to be the perfect cost-effective solution for Certified Home Warranties. The pre-designed website allowed the team to launch a professional online presence quickly and with limited funds. The website customized by SOLUENCY helped Certified Home Warranties establish credibility in their industry and reach out to potential customers. SOLUENCY provided a cost-effective solution, which enabled Certified Home Warranties to succeed when venturing into the digital business world.

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