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June 22, 2023


Case Study: SOLUENCY Empowers HERSOL to Expand its Reach with Smart Business Cards for Teams

HERSOL is a renowned company in Florida with a global mission to facilitate access to quality, affordable and comprehensive solutions, products, and services for individuals and corporations in various domains such as finance, insurance, medical, and real estate. To achieve this commitment, HERSOL relies on a team of highly qualified professionals who utilize their expertise and the latest technology to deliver qualitative financial solutions to their members.

However, besides the expertise of the team, it is essential for a company like HERSOL to have the right tools that enable it to expand its reach and connect with potential members. One of the recent innovative solutions that have proven useful and relevant for modern businesses is NFC Smart Business Cards.

NFC Smart Business Cards for Teams

HERSOL recognized the potential of NFC Smart Business Cards and sought the services of SOLUENCY. Smart Business Cards for Teams allowed HERSOL to expand its reach while providing additional functionality and branding over the standard NFC Smart Business Cards.

With Smart Business Cards for Teams, HERSOL could now share NFC Smart Business Cards among its team of professionals, enabling them to connect with potential clients seamlessly and swiftly. HERSOL's team could now transfer their business profiles, instantly connect with potential clients and expand their network effortlessly. This meant HERSOL could increase its reach and convert prospects into members with ease.

  • SOLUENCY's Smart Cards for Teams allows companies to use their own domain name for profiles
  • Smart Cards for Teams provides user account management
  • Onboard team members quickly with an easy-to-use admin dashboard

Additional Functionality and Branding

SOLUENCY's Smart Business Cards for Teams also provided additional functionality and branding over the standard NFC Smart Business Cards by allowing HERSOL to customize their business cards to align with their branding guidelines and add additional calls-to-action. HERSOL can now leverage the power of its brand and make a significant impact on potential members, conveying the message of their unique value proposition.

HERSOL found its Smart Business Cards for Teams to be a valuable asset in its quest to provide qualitative financial solutions to its members. The solution has helped HERSOL to expand its reach, convert prospects into members, and promote its brand effectively. HERSOL is delighted with the result and has expressed interest in working with SOLUENCY in the future for web development.


SOLUENCY has provided HERSOL with a digital solution that aligns with its mission and vision. Smart Business Cards for Teams have proven to be an essential tool for HERSOL to expand its reach and promote its brand effectively. SOLUENCY's ability to provide customized solutions to align with HERSOL's unique requirements is a testament to their commitment to delivering innovative solutions to businesses. It is no wonder that HERSOL has expressed interest in continuing its collaboration with SOLUENCY for future web development projects.

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