Smart Business Cards


Smart Business Cards

Introducing the revolutionary product that will change the way you network— SOLUENCY's Smart Business Card! Connecting with people has never been easier. Our Smart Business Cards can turn your business card into a technologically advanced powerhouse. Featuring near field communication (NFC) technology, these cards allow you to quickly and easily connect with potential clients, partners, and job seekers!

Simply tap your card to a smart device and it will automatically open up your profile page so you can start exchanging information and building relationships immediately. Just remember that each person needs an NFC-compatible device to receive the data.

What makes our Smart Business Cards so special? Aside from the cutting-edge technology we use, we offer full customization options so you can design a card that suits your brand image perfectly. Choose from various design templates or upload your own logo and artwork for a truly unique look. Each card is printed on durable and waterproof PVC material using advanced printing techniques to provide vibrant colors and sharp detail, guaranteeing that your cards look professional every time.

For the ultimate experience, try our VIP Smart Card! We will work with you in real time (one-on-one) to design the perfect card and add all your contact information, so you're ready to network as soon as possible. Plus, enjoy the added prestige of a blue check mark on your profile. It's the perfect way to take networking to the next level!

SOLUENCY's Smart Business Cards are simple - connect easily, promote efficiently, acquire customers quickly. Get started now and be one step ahead of the competition!

So why wait? Get ahead of the game and get yourself a SOLUENCY Smart Business Card today! They are perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, job seekers, sales professionals - anyone looking to make powerful connections quickly and easily! With SOLUENCY's Smart Business Cards, you're always one tap away from success!

Why Get a Smart Business Card?

  • Connect with potential clients & partners instantly using cutting-edge NFC technology
  • Create a custom design for your card that reflects your brand image
  • Enjoy vibrant colors and sharp detail on durable and waterproof PVC material cards
  • Smart Business Cards are the perfect GIFT for your valued clients
  • Ask us about our Teams product (for 5+ users)
  • Connect with people in ways you never thought possible!

Pricing Plans

Get Your Smart Business Card by SOLUENCY Today!

Smart Business Card

$99/One Time
  • DIY - Add Your Details in Your Profile
  • Custom Printed Design
  • QR Code backup (back side)
  • Waterproof durable PVC
  • No Apps to Download
  • No Ongoing Fees
  • Standard Profile Account
  • Video Tutorials

VIP Smart Card

$119/One Time
  • VIP Experience - We Add All Your Details
  • Custom Printed Design - Designed LIVE
  • QR Code backup (back side)
  • Waterproof durable PVC
  • No Apps to Download
  • No Ongoing Fees
  • Blue Checkmark
  • VIP Experience Onboarding

Smart Cards for Teams

  • Full Onboarding
  • Custom Printed Design - Designed LIVE
  • QR Code backup (back side)
  • Waterproof durable PVC
  • No Apps to Download
  • Custom Branding
  • User Management Admin Access
  • VIP Experience Team Onboarding
So What is Next?

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